Modern Bride!!


In this modern world how fascinating it is to be known with a term like “Modern Bride”. Yes it does make us all think about what a modern bride is all about ,how a modern bride would be or would look like or would act like?

Minimalism is the most beautiful trend among modern Indian brides today.

So all those who must have thought modern bride may look different or act different is absolutely not right. What we observed in all these modern brides was the confidence and the enthusiasm to plan their own wedding and make it look like their dream wedding only by picking and choosing everything on their own.

Right from discussing and managing finances to the hotel to be chosen for the wedding to finally deciding on the color theme for the big day. Yes, they are involved in everything and are involved enough to take their decisions.

rent-an-attire-451With so many new and unique wedding ideas in trends , these brides have gone out of the way to have their sangeet , mehendi and wedding day planned.

The modern woman is making a stylish splash, wherever she goes by opting for tasteful elegance in place of overstated boldness.

While it may be the biggest paradox in the fashion world, minimalism is quickly making place in the Indian bridal zone too. Today’s bride embraces her traditions with grace and panache. While the big fat Indian wedding culture is far from being outdated, many modern brides are going minimalistic for their pre-wedding functions and ensembles.

RAA website.jpgSangeet and Mehendi is a very closed packed function yet very important function for the bride and the groom. Right from choosing a theme for the wedding outfit to the dance floor to the dance numbers it all has to be planned beforehand. Choosing the right place needs a lot of homework, and if done well can make a small gathering a big affair.

Wardrobe Courtesy : Rent An Attire

At then the D-Day is there, the most important day of the wedding preparation. Bride to be will have look graceful and modish on the most awaited day of your life.

Rent an attire5.jpgPhoto Credit : Keyur Bokil Photography

Bridal wear isn’t just about reds and whites anymore, modern brides are going for other colors too. Colour is playing a major role in bringing out a modern bride’s style without screaming for attention. Blue , Peach , mauve, and light mint are great for that minimalistic yet classy style statement and are fast becoming common in bridal ensembles.

Our bride these days are combining tradition with modernity and exudes elegance that symbolizes the modern Indian woman of today.

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Bride to be !!

Thoughts and feelings !!

As a bride-to-be, a girl will have numerous thoughts and feelings running in her mind. We thought we would talk to few of the brides to be from this generation and write about the feelings they were going through.

As a Bride one deserves to look special on her wedding day Says our bride Poonam. it is not only about the looks but the comfort in the look and the outfit too , so it is very important that you choose a comfortable yet classy outfit for your special day.

It is more about the celebration and meeting family and friends in a wedding says our bride Ruhi. She has always liked to be social with people hence she was looking forward to meet all her friends , family and cousins in her wedding to have 3 fun filled day full of dance , chit chat and scrumptious food.

Swati says it is more of 2 people affair than having a Big fat wedding, she says she believes in being practical and hence, she had very closed packed wedding including only close family and friends. She saved a lot of cost by renting both of their wedding outfits and invested that money in travelling to a different country.

So All “Bride to be’s do you have a story to share about your feelings before the big day. please write to us at